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Beauty DIY – The Headband Braid

If you’ve followed recent celeb hair trends, you’ve probably come across the headband braid. Stars such as Ashley Olsen, Jessica Alba, and Sienna Miller have all rocked this infamous up do.

It’s feminine and sweet while keeping hair out of your face and can be worn as a casual style or with a dressier look. Try this quick hair fix that’s a great style for an after work date! No blow dryer? No problem! Try this daring ‘do that looks especially great with some ruby red lips!

The greatest thing about this chic coif is that you won’t need to see a stylist! You can do it yourself with some simple supplies you already have laying around!

Here’s what you’ll need

Between 3-5 bobby pins depending on the thickness of your hair, strong-hold hairspray, and a hair band.
Step 1 – Part hair in the center of your head and make two braids, one on either side. (Think Pippi Longstocking!)
Step 2 – Tie the bottom of one braid and hold the other.
Step 3 – Take the braid you are holding and bring it up around the top of your head, just behind your forehead, and secure the end down with bobby pins.
Step 4 – Repeat the last step, by placing one braid next to the other so that it slightly overlaps the bobby pins, and conceals them. Pin this braid down and put the pins in so that they fit beneath the second braid.
Step 5 – Spray your braided headdress generously with an extra strength hold spray. This will prevent it from falling apart while you’re on the dance floor!


Special thanks to FashionBlogs!

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