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Hi Everyone!

I’m Elise. I find inspiration in everything around me. From art, nature, culture, architecture, to people, food and music. To me fashion is a compilation of everything that inspires me. Self expression is what makes us human and fashion is a vehicle for me to express myself through shapes and colors in order to express my personal style. Just like music, art and food are forms of self expression, fashion allows us to be the architects of ourselves by creating unique looks.

I am a retired model, make-up artist, runway specialist and image consultant. It breaks my heart to see men and women doubt themselves when it comes to fashion. I believe that what you wear is not only the first impression someone will interpret of you but it shows how you feel about yourself. I will be using all my experience to help you look good and feel even better! My goal is to make sure YOU wear that dress and the dress doesn’t wear you. As well as to make sure you NEVER say “I love this but I could never pull this off” ever ever AGAIN!

In addition to fashion I am very passionate about psychology. I have always had a passion for understanding people so I could better help them. I graduated with my bachelors from Temple University with a degree in psychology. Learning the real reason to why we do the things we do from why we originally started to wear blush and heels to why we response certain way is an honor. Learning all that I have allows me to relate to you quicker and more thoroughly so I can help you in your journey to conqeur or enhance your understanding of fashion.

Its not about who you wear its about how you wear it.

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”

-Edith Head

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or if you are looking someone to help you dress with style for that special occasion, day, interview or flat out boost your self confidence.

Send me an email:


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