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Statement Necklaces and Sequins Won’t Get You Laid

October 6, 2012

Recently, Mindy Kaling reported that her amazingly vibrant wardrobe doesn’t exactly bring the boys to the yard.  “I  have found it to be true that men tend to not understand or like sequins very much” Kaling admitted in an interview with NPR’s Terry Gross.

The most famous and chronicled man repealler is Leandra Medine. While fellow females can respect and appreciate Medine and Kaling’s fashion sense, some men seem to find it…well…. repelling.  Luckily Kaling noted a few other anti-male items: “Men don’t like the wedge shoe, I have noticed. Men don’t like the statement or chunky, tribal jewelry.”

Well, men are suppose to like you for who you are in the inside anyways, right?

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